Share the Love!

Tuesday Regulars with their "Share the Love" box

Several times a week, volunteers come into MedShare’s Western  Region, many with cookies and scones, most with smiles, but all come with a common goal in their hearts – to help transform the surplus medical supplies of our community and make them ready for those most in need. They may not ever know where that box of syringes that they just packed is going, but they do know that it will be going to someone who needs it: a clinic or a hospital that won’t have to reuse a needle or wash out a pair of gloves, but will be getting clean and safe medical supplies thanks to their cheerful and tireless efforts!

Stainless Steel Team make a special "Share the Love" envelope.

 This February, we want our volunteers to learn exactly where the supplies that they have touched are going. They can follow the boxes and the packet as they Share the Love of their efforts through MedShare and into the clinics and hospitals of our recipients! There are five boxes the volunteers have packed, each are brightly marked with Valentine- style hearts and signed by all the volunteers. Inside there is a photo of all the volunteers who packed the box and a note of friendship to the recipient.  MedShare will be following each of the boxes through our warehouse until it reaches a recipient via our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Flickr. Please stay tuned to follow these boxes and see our volunteers Share the Love!

Volunteers from Wells Fargo Share the Love!