E­ver wonder what it’s like to be a MedShare employee? Newly hired PR + Marketing Manager, Hannah Mae Miners, reflects on her first week on the job.

“Hannah, that’s an endotracheal tube! It goes in the respiratory barrel, instead of the drainage barrel.” Day three on the job, and our devoted team of “Wednesday regulars” was already giving me a run for my money. It was my orientation session with MedShare’s volunteer sorters, and this would prove to be one of many moments during my first week that I was astonished by the tenacity and dedication of MedShare’s volunteers, supporters, and staff. I was quickly realizing that I had become a part of something big; something that influences the lives of many.

Though I’ve only been here a short time, the enthusiasm and dedication of this small group of individuals is both contagious and awe-inspiring. This diverse, unique, and creative team goes above and beyond to fulfill MedShare’s mission, and to deliver the absolute best care to our worthy recipients. I’m proud to be part of a team that is unyielding in their efforts to globally serve others, and the people who need quality care in the developing world remain at the core of everything we do.

The world needs more of what MedShare has to offer and we are excited about building a global network of sharing. In addition to the new design of our blog, I will soon be sharing with you the amazing experience, talent, and passion that members of the MedShare team bring to our organization. Please check back with us and keep an eye out for our new “Team Member Spotlight” blog post each month to learn more about the volunteers, supporters, and staff that embody the MedShare spirit.

At MedShare, we are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with our heads and our hearts, and I already feel deeply connected to this cause. I am honored to be a part of the MedShare team, and look forward to continuing to partner with the community to improve global healthcare, support more communities, and save more lives.

In service,

Hannah Mae