BBQ, live blue grass, and King of Pops: Recapping our Volunteer Appreciation Party

“You have to give back. You have to try to do some good. Forget about your own circumstances and get involved in the circumstances of others. Continue to go for it. Continue to follow your heart and passion. Follow your compass. Do what you can with others to create a community that is not just local or national, but is a world community at peace with itself.”

MedShare CEO Meridith Rentz shared this quote from Congressman John Lewis at our Volunteer Appreciation Party last night. We celebrated our fantastic volunteers with delicious food and popsicles, bocce ball and badminton, and live music. Presidential Volunteer Service Awards were given to stand-out advocates – Some with as many as 1,600 hours of service!  Our volunteers play such an integral role in fulfilling our mission, and we were thrilled to honor them last night! Thank you for all that you do for MedShare and our beneficiaries!

Here is a list of our Presidential Volunteer Service Award recipients at the three respective levels:

Bronze – 100 to 249 hours

Joanne Bauer 243
Tom Jacobs 243
Tish Wallace 228
Marc Girardot 218
Miatta Pemagbi 204
Joyce Russell 198
Judy Louie 191
Carol Garrett 189
Eleanor Washburn 189
Jack Nolen 176
Jim Gole 160
George Welch 200
Robin Chalmers 126
Pat Welch 216
Ray Lewis 216
Mary Lewis 216
Bill Via 216
Sharon Via 216
Brian Hendricks 107

Silver- 250 to 499 hours

Diane Keltz 480
Peggy Healy 456
Paul Bangura 352
Pat Russell 359
Carla Schissel 317
John Lamb 304
Pamela Cheesebrough 357
Marian Burge 360
Bill Van Hout 342
Julie Van Hout 342

Gold – 500 hours or more

Pat Horvath 1215
Jane Gole 909
Beth Caldwell 956
Jack Horvath 1210
Brenda Rhames 1609
Rona Gilchrist 693
Janice Yermack 679