Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Naset

Sue Naset has accumulated more than 380 hours of service volunteering with MedShare’s Western region since January of 2009. As a nurse and dedicated Kaiser Permanente retiree, she is a huge asset to our organization.

Sue first learned about MedShare at a Kaiser Permanente retirement Christmas party. Dr. Karen Rice, who was instrumental in MedShare’s Western expansion efforts, told Sue about MedShare’s international mission of caring, and she was inspired to become a volunteer.

Sue helps in stocking the MedTeam store, as well as in regular sorting sessions. She is also very involved at a local free clinic, Clinic by the Bay in San Francisco. Upon learning of the clinic, Sue thought that she would be a great person to transport donated MedShare supplies to the clinic. She now delivers supplies to Clinic by the Bay 3 times a month. In addition, the clinic now supplies MedShare with just as many supplies as we receive from them, resulting in a wonderful give-give relationship.

Sue is looking forward to a US sanctioned cultural group tour of Cuba she will be taking this Fall. She will be meeting local hospital physicians, and plans to share MedShare information with them in hopes of creating a link between MedShare and Cuban clinics in need.

Sue keeps coming back to volunteer for many reasons: the positive and inspiring MedShare West staff, the level of volunteer appreciation, and the recipient feedback received back from medical professionals returning from mission trips. Sue also values the great friendships she’s formed with fellow volunteers, and looks forward to their monthly pot-luck dinners.

We value Sue as a volunteer and for all she does in our organization! Volunteers like Sue make it possible for MedShare’s global mission of caring to be spread throughout the community.