Biomed Volunteer Gives MedShare His Summer and Gets a Jump Start to His Senior Year


Robert at work on a vital signs monitor.

Robert Charkowicz, a 20 year old college student from Castro Valley, CA, volunteered for the summer at MedShare’s Western Region Distribution and Volunteer Center. Robert, who is studying Biomedical Engineering at UC Davis, spent 2-3 days a week this summer working in the Biomedical Lab.  Adept with the computer Robert assisted with the Biomedical Publications Library establishing a naming/organizational structure for operation and maintenance publications. He researched equipment publications on line to find repair information and resources increasing our library and maintenance capability. These publications will be sent out with the equipment to the recipients in developing countries so that they can operate and repair the equipment when needed.

Robert also assisted with daily work, conducting inventory of equipment and testing and repairing equipment.  The equipment included items such as: Vital Signs Monitors, ECG, NIBP and SPO2 equipment, CPAP machines and respirators/nebulizers, surgical tables, ultrasound equipment and an anesthesia machine.


Volunteer Robert Charkowicz and MedShare’s Biomedical Technician Rene Steinkellner in the lab.

He’s now returning back to UC Davis to start his Senior year.  We will miss his work and his presence here at MedShare, and wish him all the best in his future.  The work that he completed here at MedShare will continue to enhance the success of our mission providing medical equipment to those in need.


One thought on “Biomed Volunteer Gives MedShare His Summer and Gets a Jump Start to His Senior Year

  1. This is the type of experience that will give this future biomedical engineer the type of background he can use to create better products. It also carries considerable weight when applying to engineering positions. The experience and photo above highlight the two major ways that engineering impacts medicine. Robert exemplifies the design related Biomedical Engineering field which focuses on creating new products and researching new engineering applications of science. Rene, the Biomedical Electronic Technician ( or Biomedical Engineering Technologist, BMET), represents the engineering technology field which installs, maintains and often helps in the design of new medical products. Professionals in these two fields often collaborate when developing and improving products.

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