Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Karen Rice

We often tell our volunteers that one of the best ways they can help is by telling others about MedShare.  Dr. Karen Rice is a volunteer who has taken that to heart and had a big impact! 

Karen was one of the first volunteers in our Western Region.  While putting in lots of hours at the Distribution Center to help set up the sort room and the MedTeam store, she spread the word about MedShare to anyone who would listen.  She recruited several doctors and nurses she had worked with at Kaiser Permanente and continues to recruit for MedShare at Kaiser’s Retired Physicians group meetings.   

Beyond her medical connections, she drew in some fellow members of the East Bay Dahlia Society, John and JoAnna Morton.  Karen even recruited her woodworking class, who volunteered as a group.  

Apparently Karen’s passion for MedShare is contagious to the volunteers she recruits as they tend to come back often and to recruit others to join them.  For example, JoAnna Morton talked about MedShare at her water aerobics class and convinced Virginia Godkin to join our effort.  Both of them now work on our Stainless Steel Sorting Team and together have more than 2000 hours of service.  In fact, Karen’s direct and indirect recruits accounted for more than 6500 hours of service  or roughly 15% of the total volunteer hours served by individuals since we opened the Western Distribution Center. 

Never underestimate the power of one individual to make a difference!

Dr. Karen Rice surrounded by just a few of the volunteers she’s help recruit.  (left to right: John Morton, Dr. Phil Fischbacher, Virginia Godkin, JoAnna Hansen-Morton, Phil Rice and Sue Naset)