CEO Corner: Environmental Sustainability at Mirebelais Hospital

Our MedShare travelers in Haiti are spending a lot of time learning about health issues…. and, we are all also environmentalists at heart and committed to the positive impact MedShare has on our U.S. markets by keeping unused and unexpired medical supplies out of the landfill.  We work daily to walk the talk.  For example, our California operation is piloting the use of plastic, durable pallets, and our Atlanta distribution center has a roof covered in solar panels.
And so, during a tour of the brand new 300-bed teaching hospital for the Central Plateau that will open in March, our group was delighted to learn about the facility’s innovative waste water treatment process and to check out its hurricane-proof solar panels.  The facility is hooked into the local power grid and will generate electricity for the hospital plus extra for the surrounding area.
There are many questions around how this new facility will work.  Will it be viable long-term? How will its annual operating budget be funded? Will the hospital be overwhelmed by patients from Port-Au-prince?  How should it be staffed?
As these and other challenging questions are considered over the coming months and years, it certainly appears that the facility has been built with sustainably in mind.  And that is a hopeful way to begin!  MedShare looks forward to leveraging our environmental impact with those of our in-country partners as we all work to preserve this beautiful planet.

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One thought on “CEO Corner: Environmental Sustainability at Mirebelais Hospital

  1. That solar panel-covered roof is a beautiful site to behold. It’s wonderful that the electricity produced will help the local community beyond the hospital walls in addition to supporting the hospital’s daily needs. It sounds like we can expect great things from the new hospital in Mirebelais when it opens!

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