MedShare celebrates volunteer service!

The end of National Volunteer Week was marked by a special event at MedShare West’s facility on the afternoon of Saturday, April 27. Our warehouse was transformed into Candy Land as we welcomed more than 80 guests. Everyone was treated to desserts from around the world including Guatemalan cookies and sweet breads, Caribbean sweet potato pie, African puf pufs, Filipino turon, Iranian ice cream, French-style macarons, and Middle Eastern treats like baklava. The festive spirit was enhanced by live Eastern European folk music provided by Paul Litsky (one of our dedicated volunteers) and his band.  We even had a performance of Irish dancing by Jilian Kuehnel,  7 year old daughter of our own Shannon Kuehnel.

Presidential Service Awards were presented to honor our most dedicated volunteers.  Fifty two volunteers earned the award this year; twice as many as received the award last year!  Silver awards (for more than 250 hours of service) were presented to John Morton, Marsha Felton, Nassim Nouri, Susan Dyer, Joe Margevicius, and Fran Jurcso. Bronze awards (for more than 100 hours of service) were awarded to JoAnna Morton-Hansen, Camille Harris, Camille Didas, Virginia Godkin, Audrey Ewart, Barbara Gasparian, Judy Bulman, Gail Carter, Arleen Sakamoto, Nancy Jee, Marsha Nishikawa, John Dietz, Susie Plumb, Lynn Moreau, Sandra Montgomery, Joe Ely, Richard Linde, Eve Stone Trimble, Karen Nelson, Gloria Jancoski, Nancy Marcotte, Paul Litsky, Sue Naset, Dr. Phil Fischbacher, Nancy  Menne, Alana Musante, Ted Almida, Rissa Coplan, Lya Ackermann, Grace Kemp, Carol Fullerton, Milton Huynh, Kathleen Biondi, Cathryn Jew, Myron Zhang, Jason Lee, Dr. Helen Vajk, Robert Charkowicz, Philip Rice, Mary Lou Groff, Dr. Karen Rice, Barbara Bonn and Richard Novotny.   We had three youth Bronze award winners (i.e. age 14 years or younger with 50 hours of service) including Vivek Bharadwaj, Takari Fucles and Elijah Levy.  These three, along with Milton Huynh, are MedShare’s first volunteers under age 18 to receive the Presidential Service Award.  We have been blessed many times by the continuing commitment of all these award-winning volunteers!

Special thanks go to Peterson CAT, a local company that helped underwrite the party through their Peterson in the Community program; Nassim Nouri, who donated the Iranian ice cream;  Chris Roberson of Frostine Bakery, who donated the macarons; and Paul Litsky and his band.  We appreciate all their contributions toward honoring these very special people, our volunteers!