The Atlanta Girls’ School sends off their container to Guatemala!

Yesterday afternoon, we had the privilege of celebrating the Atlanta Girls’ School‘s fundraising and service accomplishments by sending off their container of medical supplies to Hospitalito Atitlán in Guatemala. This was an exciting and unique project to be a part of — the Atlanta Girls’ School is such a passionate group of young ladies, and their enthusiasm for their MedShare service project was wonderful to see!

AGS met their goal of completing 1000 hours of community service to MedShare, and their fundraising goal of $2,000 — which was proudly presented to us in a shoe box!! The remaining funds to send this container were graciously provided by The Conlee Foundation. Thank you, all, for your support and dedication!

Please take a moment to view the photos below of this special celebration. We are so thrilled to work with AGS, and can’t wait to hear how their accomplishments are improving quality of healthcare and saving lives in Guatemala! Awesome job, girls!!

Special thanks to:
Peggy Hasty – Dean of Students, Atlanta Girls’ School
Cecil Conlee – The Conlee Family Foundation
Amy Conlee – The Conlee Family Foundation & mentor at AGS
Emily Ellison – AGS Co-founder
Bonnie O’Neill – Former MedShare board member & community volunteer

One thought on “The Atlanta Girls’ School sends off their container to Guatemala!

  1. These girls did a great job with this service project! It’s experiences like this that are going to help shape them into socially-conscious and charitable adults. What a great education they are getting at AGS! And I know the people getting medical care at the Hospitalito Atitlan are very happy for all the donated supplies and equipment that are coming their way. Way to go everybody!

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