Staff Guest Blogger: Closing a Chapter

Over the last four years, I have served in many different roles at MedShare. I’ve been an Inventory Management Associate, Lead Volunteer Program Coordinator, and Shipments Associate. I’ve also had the opportunity to help with many things outside of my usual job description, such as loading boxes onto emergency containers after the earthquake in Haiti.  I’ve learned way more about medical supplies than I ever thought I would – which is ironic because I have a history of fainting in hospitals!

As I leave the MedShare staff to pursue other callings, I’m met with very bittersweet emotions. While one day I may forget the difference between a luer-lock and eccentric tip syringe, I’ll never forget the incredible people who are invested in MedShare’s unique and innovative mission. I’ve met thousands of volunteers and I never cease to be amazed at their dedication to saving lives of recipients located thousands of miles away. I’ve been moved by stories of devoted board members offering to take out second mortgages in MedShare’s early years.

Last but not least, I’ll never forget my creative, determined, brilliant and passionate co-workers. They work endlessly to ensure that MedShare delivers supplies of the utmost quality to tireless doctors and nurses overseas. My colleagues have taught me about true service and professionalism. Our mutual compassion for serving our recipients has created unbreakable bonds between us. I will always be a supporter of MedShare and will continue to volunteer my time – this is certainly not goodbye, it’s “see you soon!” MedShare has a way of attracting very special people towards its mission and I am incredibly grateful and humbled to be a part of bridging the gap between surplus and need.

Elizabeth Haskell

Elizabeth (blue, center) with members of the “Wednesday Regulars” volunteer group and Kimberly-Clark Seniors volunteer group

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  1. Thank you Elizabeth Haskell for being such a dedicated and caring MedShare family member all of these years! You are missed everyday – but we know you will be back to see us soon :0)

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