Notes from the Field: Annual Impact Trip

People: The Heartbeat Of A Heartfelt Mission

The following entry is from Vele Keyta Redding, an award-winning entrepreneur, journalist, media professional and author.

I really didn’t know what to expect before embarking on this MedShare journey through Guatemala, but I asked God to open the eyes of my heart so that I’d see what He wanted me to see.

What I see are People — people with joy, hope, heartfelt gratitude and commitment. It was a constant on every path taken. No matter the plight or struggle, the light and strength of joy on the faces of the people I encountered  shines brightly here. Whether through a doctor, who has  made it a life mission to do good or a child whose face lit up as our eyes locked and shared a greeting or smile, the preciousness and value of life alone triumphed.

I could see joy, in all it’s subtleness, rising to create a sense of hope and an anticipation for good. Every effort made by MedShare and all of its partners to make life better for our Guatemalan neighbors is cause for optimism. From the Guatemalans’ evident belief that good is prevailing, emerges genuine gratitude — a gratefulness that resounds every time the word “Graciás” or “Thank you” is uttered for every box of medical supplies, every gurney or medical machine that arrives just in time to save a life or prevent a medical condition.

Gracias picture

It’s a special calling, this mission to truly be our neighbors’ keeper. It takes commitment and MedShare and all of its collaborators are dedicated to the cause. All throughout our journey, life-changing and humbling stories could be heard. In all of them, the commonality is the heartbeat of and love for the People.

So, when a young hospital administrator ended her talk, saying “Thank you for seeing us through the eyes of your heart,” I knew that God had answered my prayer and I had seen what He wanted me to see.

Vele Keyta Redding