Notes from the Field: Annual Impact Trip

MedShare Reunion Celebrates the Little Hospital that Could 

The following entry was written by Spring Asher, a MedShare Southeast Council member, a six-time Emmy Award winning TV producer and founder of Speechworks. 

This year, 2016 is a special Medshare reunion for Hospitalito Atilan in Santiago Atilan in Guatemala. Ten years ago, 2006, Medshare then Board Chair Pat Robinson, Bonnie O’Neill, Diana Blank and then CEO A.B. Short visited the hospital on Medshare’s first mission trip.


The hospital dates back to 1964 when it was constructed after a measles epidemic
killed over 600 Mayan children. Over the years, the area had been plagued by civil war violence and finally the the natural disastrous mudslide that destroyed the hospital.
At the time of their visit, the hospital was located in a six-bed hiker’s shack with a makeshift operating room.

The Medshare team was determined to help in the goal of a hospital serving the 75,000
Maya living in the area. The result is a joy to behold. The facility provides preventative clinical health services with emphasis on women and children and the only emergency and surgical care in the area.

Spring Asher