Healing One Patient at a Time in Guatemala

The following entry was written by Viktoria Valikova, medical doctor, founder of Health & Help, and returning MedTeam leader.

l35a1955-edit-livejournalWe started our project in Guatemala about a year ago. The choice of country was not a coincidence – my first mission was with a Belgian NGO when I came to Guatemala and left my heart here.

We started to build a clinic in a small place called Chuinajtajuyub. It is a mountain village with a primarily indigenous Mayan population. The villagers, especially women and kids, don’t speak Spanish, our local language here is Kiche. For a population of more than 15,000, which includes ours and nearby villages, there is no health center, hospital or any other medical facility.

We are building our clinic with the help of the community; every day five local men come to the construction site as volunteers.

To prepare the local population for the idea that they will have permanent medical care, we opened a health post in the same school where we currently live. Our doctors and nurses are all volunteers who came with the same belief – to make this world a better place. They work without compensation, without any financial support, bringing bags full of donated medication and equipment from their home countries to keep us afloat.

I am a very lucky person. I had a very happy childhood; my parents were always with me, I always had food to eat, a warm bed, clean clothes to wear and all the opportunities in the world. I went to a great tuition-free school. I didn’t pay for my University. I had the best affordable health insurance. Right after my residence I got a nice job in the ER at a large hospital. I am a very lucky person.

On my first mission to Guatemala, I met the local people. Beautiful, smart, active, full of smiles. Some of them don’t eat food regularly. Most of them don’t have money to pay a doctor. But all of them deserve to be treated like humans.


Me, our people, you, – we were way more fortunate in this life than millions of people living in poverty. I strongly believe that it’s a great thing –  to share. We can donate some time, donate some money, donate some of our kindness to make these people’s lives happier.

We are fighting for medical care for people that never in their lives have seen a doctor. We treat malnourished kids, we monitor pregnant women, we attend to emergencies and we run programs for chronic patients. We work 24/7 and we believe that we make a difference. And we want to thank MedShare for making this world better with us.

When we came to the MedShare office together with Karina Basharova, our project manager, all the personnel treated us like family. We were getting medical supplies that will save lives for thousands of people and everyone in the room understand it. It is not just syringes or bandages; for us, it is healing one sick kid and providing prenatal care for one expectant mother at a time.

– Viktoria Valikova


Viktoria stocks the clinic with MedShare supplies that will save lives in Guatemala.