The Path to Healing & Helping in Guatemala

The following entry was written by Victoria Valikova, medical doctor and founder of Health & Help. It is a follow-up piece to Victoria’s first post. Health & Help recently opened their clinic in Chuinajtajuyub, Guatemala with the help of MedShare.

When you realize that you have the power to change something, you have two paths you can take from that moment on: go home and forget about what you just saw, or go and change something.

Health & Help’s people are dreamers. We dreamed about what we could do here in Guatemala, in a remote village called Chuinajtajuyub. So we built a clinic, a clinic that would spend every day, 7/24, attending to people in need.

We started from the very basic: we opened a health facility in a local school. Now we have a clinic with three consultation rooms, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and three beds for our in-patient room. Volunteers live on-site and provide permanent support in emergency situations. We assist deliveries, suture machete cut wounds, and help severely sick patients every day. Quickly, we became the number one health center in our area. People are sure when they come to us they will get help and support.

Health & Help Clinic works with severely malnourished kids and elderly people. We provide education and treatment for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. We promote family planning and we take care of pregnant women in every trimester of pregnancy.

We have a nice team of professionals and we’re always searching for more volunteers to work with us. If you are interested to work in Guatemalan mountain village – please contact us at

Last, but not least: we have a great friend, their name is MedShare. They make our work so much easier because with them we don’t have to worry about running out of medical supplies. We always have materials to take care of our patients. We are always sure that we will be able to help, because of them.

From Guatemala with love,