Typhoon Haiyan Relief: MedShare’s impact in the Philippines

November 8, 2013 brought an unrelenting storm to the Philippines, packing wind gusts of more than 200 miles per hour. Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms in history, ripped through the islands, damaging businesses, communities, and health care facilities, and taking thousands of Filipino lives.

As humanitarian aid began arriving in Tacloban and other locales in the immediate aftermath of the typhoon, MedShare was among the nonprofit health care organizations providing assistance to the victims and laying the groundwork for long term relief.


Click here to read more about MedShare’s continuing impact on the humanitarian relief efforts in the Philippines as the country rebuilds after the typhoon’s devastating impact.

Global health relief serving Typhoon Haiyan survivors

Christian Medical and Dental Association recently mobilized volunteer healthcare providers and secured resources from MedShare’s MedTeam Store that were used in the Philippines. This team worked with the Salvation Army about 30 miles south of Tacloban in communities around Dulag (Duloge). They were able to treat between 50 and 100 patients daily, and provided basic medical care, and dental care. Nurses from the health department worked alongside volunteers and provided vaccinations to children in need. Clinics were set up in school rooms and churches that had been damaged in the Super Typhoon. Thanks to out corporate sponsors: Clif Bar, UPS, Ventas, Inc., and MedAssets, we were able to provide the necessary medical supplies for this mission trip.

Please view the photos below of the beautiful children they were able to treat!


Nothing wasted for their recovery.

Hospitals for Humanity gathered nearly 10,000 pounds of medical supplies and equipment from MedShare to help treat survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. MedShare has provided more than 20,000 pounds of supplies to aid in the recovery of the affected Filipino communities. We are grateful for the support of all the individual donors and corporate partners such as Clif Bar, UPS, Ventas, Inc., MedAssets, and Ayuda Foundation, who have made it possible to provide critically needed medical supplies to our Filipino friends in need. 


Today is International Volunteer Day!

This day of celebration offers an opportunity for organizations like MedShare to lift up the impact that volunteers make in our local and global communities. Nearly 20,000 individuals spend time at MedShare’s San Leandro and Atlanta distribution centers each year. Our dedicated volunteers invest their time to sort 15,000 of pounds of surplus medical supplies that have been diverted from local landfills every week. This perfectly usable product is used to treat recipients in need of healthcare in 95 countries throughout the world.

Today and every day, we thank our volunteers for helping us build healthy communities locally and globally.


Sending balikbayan boxes to our Filipino friends

Who doesn’t get excited to receive a specially-wrapped care package from a loved one? Our brothers and sisters from the Philippines have a wonderful tradition of sending care packages – termed “balikbayan boxes” – to their friends and family full of items such as non-perishable food, toiletries, household items, electronics, toys, or items hard to find in the Philippines. These boxes provide an economical way to ship at a flat rate based on one of three standard sizes.

In the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan, balikbayan boxes are being used creatively as an effective way to deliver critically needed supplies. It’s taking the idea of a “care package” to a whole new level. Thanks to the generosity of MedShare‘s financial and product donors, our MedShare team is able to provide medical supplies for balikbayan boxes being shipped by individuals in the San Francisco Bay area who have been in communication with relatives or medical personnel in the Philippines. It’s a creative way to make a big difference and get critical supplies to those in need quickly. In fact, several members of the MedShare team have family members who have been directly impacted by the typhoon, and they are responding to the call for assistance by using this unique balikbayan system. Teams bring their specific requests to us and we gather the supplies – so far, requests have included everything from basic hygiene items to first-aid material to infant and maternity specific supplies. First, the balikbayan box is delivered to a trusted friend or family member in the Philippines; then it is transferred to the local medical facility for the benefit of the community.

We continue to welcome contributions to MedShare’s Philippines Urgent Humanitarian Relief Program. Help us provide more care to Filipinos in need…. help us fill more balikbayan boxes, equip additional medical teams deploying to the Philippines and ship forty-foot containers of much-needed supplies and equipment as part of the recovery efforts.

Thanks for your support,

Iryn gathering supplies for balikbayan boxes