Thanks to Kimberly-Clark, MedShare Ships Container of Medical Supplies for American Nicaraguan Foundation in Managua, Nicaragua


On Wednesday, May 11, a 40-foot container carrying donated medical supplies and equipment for the American Nicaraguan Foundation in Managua, Nicaragua was shipped out of MedShare’s West Coast Distribution Center.  This is the fifth container that MedShare has shipped to this recipient since 2003.

The American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) is a 501 c (3) not-for profit organization rated as a four star charity by Charity Navigator.  Their mission is to help the neediest sectors in Nicaragua by strengthening medical assistance, increasing educational attainment, building safe shelters, providing clean water solutions, promoting economic opportunity, and delivery humanitarian aid to impoverished communities all over Nicaragua.  For more information and to view an inspirational video about their important humanitarian work, visit the ANF website here.

In Nicaragua, 1 in 2 people live in extreme poverty, 3 in 10 kids are malnourished, and there is 1 doctor for every 2,700 citizens. To say that medical supplies and equipment are lacking there would be an understatement – these items are desperately needed.

The MedShare tractor trailer size container that shipped out today is carrying over 11,000 lbs of medical humanitarian aid items, including:

  • baby care kits
  • bandages
  • surgical drapes
  • arm slings and cast materials
  • surgical masks
  • syringes
  • laryngoscopes
  • pulse oximeters
  • an infant warmer
  • and much more!

A huge thanks to the Kimberly-Clark Kimnica S.A. office in Managua and the Kimberly-Clark Foundation for making this project possible with their generous sponsorship!


MedShare Ranked by Charity Navigator

Charity  Navigator, a nonprofit organization that evaluates the financial health of over 5,000 charities to help charitable givers make intelligent giving decisions, recently ranked MedShare number five on their top ten list of “Highly Rated Charities Relying on Private Contributions.”

The charities on this list receive more than 95% of their total revenue from private contributions, which is an indicator of fundraising efficiency.   As reflected by this recognition, MedShare relies solely on direct and indirect public support (rather than deriving income from government funding, membership fees, or earned income).

In July of 2009, MedShare was previously ranked Nov. 2 on this same list.