Mid-October Container Shipment Announcements

Mid-October Container Shipment Announcements


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MedShare Ships Two Containers to Hospital General Douala in Cameroon


On Thursday, April 21, two 40-foot containers of medical humanitarian aid for Cameroon were loaded and shipped from MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center in Decatur, Georgia.  Both containers will be delivered to Hopital General Douala, one of the central Ministry of Public Health institutions in the city of Douala, where doctors and nurses struggle daily with a lack of resources to care for their patients, most of whom come from poor backgrounds.

Hopital General Douala

MedShare’s Senior Biomedical Engineer, Eben Amstrong, is originally from Cameroon, and has worked and volunteered to repair medical equipment at the Hopital General Douala numerous times.  On Eben’s most recent return home to Cameroon this winter he spent more time at the hospital and, upon seeing the dire need for supplies and equipment, returned to the United States to organize the shipment of these two containers.  “Douala is the economic capital and the largest city in Cameroon,” says Eben. “This hospital is the one of the biggest referral hospitals and most patients there have been referred from different regions.  Unfortunately it doesn’t have enough equipment for the 21 million people in Cameroon.”

Among the items included on the containers are:

  • hospital beds
  • emesis basins
  • suction catheters
  • gauze pads
  • surgical masks
  • drape packs
  • patient monitors
  • an ultrasound machine
  • an electrosurgical unit
  • nebulizers
  • a dental x-ray machine
  • and much more.!

Thank you to the Coca-Cola Bottlers of Northwest Africa for generously sponsoring this project!

MedShare featured in Celebration Health’s Bulletin

MedShare was featured in Celebration Health’s February 2011 Bulletin, and we wanted to share the wonderful article about a PET recipient! To read the full bulletin, click here: Celebration Health Bulletin – Feb ’11

Celebration Health PET Recipient

The St Giles Rehabilitation Centre in Harare was one of the beneficiaries of the medical equipment. One of the patients, Chris (34), was undergoing rehabilitation after an accident at work. He hadn’t imagined that his life could change overnight, but was fixing the under-carriage of a car, when the jack gave way and the full weight of the car fell on his body, leaving him with extensive spinal injuries and being unable to walk. Nine months into his rehabilitation, he welcomed the arrival of his Personal Transportation Cart (PET). He thanks Celebration Health and its partners for bringing hope to his hopeless situation saying, “It means for the first time I am going out without a wheelchair, with the PET I have the freedom now to take myself to the shops.” Another beneficiary of the equipment was George Mutendadzamera the General Manager Corporate Affairs for Delta Corporation, one of Coca Cola’s local bottlers in Zimbabwe. While playing a friendly game of soccer in Dubai, George fell and damaged the tendons of both legs. This left him unable to walk and he flew back to Zimbabwe to undergo an operation.

MedShare ships container to Gambia


MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center loaded and shipped a 40 foot container of medical humanitarian aid for the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in The Gambia,  a tiny, highly impoverished country in West Africa with a population of about 1.6 million. Tuberculosis, malaria and child malnutrition are frequent health problems suffered by the people.  See this WHO Health Profile for statistics.

This is the second container to Royal Victoria generously sponsored by Gambega Ltd., the Coca-Cola bottling company in West Africa; the first arrived in October and was a huge success. Click here to read an article that ran in a Gambian newspaper, Today!, describing the shipment.

Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital is the  main referral hospital for the country and is run by the government. It is a 500-bed teaching hospital that provides all levels of care to the Gambian population.  About 780 patients per day are cared for, and maternal, child health services and hemodialysis are provided free of cost.  The hospital relies heavily on the support of NGOs and donors like MedShare and Gambega Ltd to be able to care for the poorest families of the country.

MedShare sent over 12,000 lbs of medical supplies and equipment in the container today, including a birthing bed, examination table, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, a ventilator, laryngoscopes, bandages, cast materials, IV catheters, gloves, and much more!

See below for photos of the RVTH:

RVTH, Gambia

RVTH Patients

Young RVTH Patient

Patient Energy Transport Vehicle Recipient in Africa

Remember Jairo Mosqauera, the Ecuadorian worker who recently received a Patient Energy Transport (PET) vehicle? His life was changed. We recently received a similar story:

Earlier this year, MedShare, in unison with the Coca Cola Africa Foundation, partnered with Celebration Health to donate $4 million worth of medical supplies and equipment for use in African public health institutions.

St Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre based in Harare was one of the beneficiaries of the medical equipment received by Celebration Health. A patient of theirs, Chris, is a 34 year old man who is undergoing rehabilitation after an accident at work.  Chris was fixing the under carriage of a car when the jack gave way and the full weight of the car fell on his body; he was left with extensive spinal injury and unable to walk.

He received a PET vehicle nine months into his rehabilitation. The first time Chris went out without his wheelchair,  he said, “I have the freedom to take myself to the shops.”

He was pleased with PET and he thanked the Celebration Health and its partners for bringing hope to a hopeless situation.

Thanks for the donations, PET International! Their blog, Gift of Mobility, also posted this story.

Two Shipments to Togo

Tuesday April 6, TWO 40 foot containers of medical donations for TOGO were shipped from MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center. One container is for the 307-bed University Hospital of Kara in the northern region of the country, and the other is for the 1,138-bed University Hospital of Lome Tokoin in the south. Both hospitals are managed by the Ministry of Health of Togo and face a desperate situation of being under-equipped and under-resourced, yet overwhelmed with poor and needy patients seeking help. The medical staff at each hospital hand-selected the medical items they are receiving, including bandages, cotton swabs, surgical drapes, gauze sponges, urinary catheters, IV sets, crutches, walkers, beds, ultrasound machines, x-ray view boxes, defibrillators, scales, and more!

Special thanks to the COCA-COLA BOTTLERS of West Africa for their generous sponsorship of this humanitarian project, Mrs. Nell Diallo, Dr. Moctar Bayor, and all the rest who participated!

MedShare ships Mobile CT Scanner to Zimbabwe

Catalina Imaging outside Sacramento recently donated a mobile CT Scanner to MedShare.  The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation sponsored the funds for the scanner to ship to Zimbabwe, where there is currently only one CT scanner in Zimbabwe’s public health system.

This is the largest single medical equipment donation we have ever received, and as a way to say “thanks” and recognize the significance of this donation, Chuck made this video account of the shipment.  We are very grateful to Catalina Imaging, as we know what an impact this scanner will have on the people in Zimbabwe.