Mid-December Container Shipment Announcements

Mid-December Container Shipment Announcements

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MedShare Included in Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Strengthen Health Systems in Bangladesh

At MedShare, we care deeply about not only meeting our recipients’ need for supplies and equipment in the short-term, but also – and more importantly – about strengthening and sustaining healthcare systems worldwide.

To this end, we’re pleased to announce our commitment to strengthen healthcare systems in a network of 12 hospitals in Bangladesh in collaboration with The International Center for Diarrheal Disease and Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b), the Ministry of Health of Bangladesh and Americares. Announced at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative, the commitment will lead to the distribution of nearly $8 million worth of donated medicines and supplies and will establish best practice guidelines for patient care and treatment. Over three-years, this project will provide direct benefit to more than 5 million people, the vast majority of whom subsist on less than $2 per day.

Although Bangladesh’s economy has grown at 5% or more the past 15 years, it remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The 12 hospitals included in thie commitment each have 200+ beds and are located throughout Bangladesh in a mix of rural and urban settings. MedShare’s contribution to the commitment will include 7 ocean containers of medical supplies and equipment.

In celebration of the occasion, MedShare was honored to participate in a special dinner in New York during the Clinton Global Initiative hosted by icddr,b, who is the coordinating NGO for the project. icddr,b translates knowledge from research into policy using strategic health programs. This allows basic research to rapidly influence policy applications and action if the evidence supports meaningful public health benefit. Research priorities at icddr,b are cross cutting, such as to child health, infectious diseases & vaccine sciences, reproductive health, nutrition, population, HIV/AIDS & safe water.

Representing MedShare at the event were Meridith Rentz, CEO & President, A.B. Short, Senior Advisor to the CEO, Sandy Tytel, Chair of MedShare’s New York Regional Council, David Pass, Chief Advancement Officer, and Angie Fife Engelberger and Ralph Engelberger. Angie is a member of MedShare’s Southeast Regional Council and her company, Project Development Services, Inc. (PDSI), sponsored MedShare’s first container of medical supplies and equipment for the project in celebration of their 10th Anniversary. PDSI is a privately-held hotel development and renovation company that specializes in hotel project management.

Projects like this and our relationships with The Atlantic Philanthropies and CURE International demonstrate how MedShare is working within the World Health Organization’sframework for action to improve healthcare systems. WHO identified six building blocks necessary to improve health systems, one of which is access to medical products and technologies. By sending MedShare supplies and equipment to projects where other partners are in place to provide human capital, clinical expertise, physical infrastructure, and pharmaceutical product, we are contributing to a more sustainable system that has the potential to make a long-term, measurable impact that we can then report back to you, our stakeholders, without whom MedShare’s mission would not be possible.

This story is an excerpt from our October e-newsletter. For more – including a first-hand account of a Trustee’s trip to NYC, a letter from our CEO Meridith Rentz, and how to get your family and friends involved – click here.

MedShare Ships Over 1,300 Medical Items to Beit CURE Malawi

On July 28, 2011, MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center shipped a 40-foot container of humanitarian aid destined for Beit CURE International Children’s Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi.

CURE International is a Christian NGO that “transforms the lives of children with disabilities and their families in the developing world through medical and spiritual healing, serving all by establishing specialty teaching hospitals, building partnerships, and advocating for these children.”  MedShare has been partnering with CURE International for many years in shipping containers of aid to support their children’s hospitals.

On this particular container, over 1,300 individual pieces of medical supplies and equipment were loaded, including:

  • ambu bags
  • knee braces
  • casting materials
  • orthopedic instruments
  • and much more!

CURE International in Niger

“In a nation where the healthcare resources are overwhelmed with numerous tropical diseases, the child with the clubfoot, or poorly healed bone fracture or cleft lip would be marginalized and may never have the opportunities he or she may be afforded here in the States.  We hope to change that, all of us together,” Dr. Gary Roark, Medical Director, CURE International Pediatric Hospital of Niger.

CURE's Children Hospital in Naimey, Niger

Thursday April 15, MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center loaded and shipped out a 40 foot container with medical humanitarian aid for CURE NIGER CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.  This is MedShare’s long-time partner NGO CURE International’s newest hospital and is scheduled to open in the fall in the capital city of Niamey.  According to the current United Nations Development Programme Annual Report, Niger is the poorest country in the world.  A recent WHO study found that 55% of children aged 5 and under suffer from chronic malnutrition.  There is a desperate need for medical care in the country and MedShare is proud to be able to support CURE International’s new hospital by shipping this container of supplies.

The 1,200-plus boxes of medical supplies on the MedShare container were individually selected for CURE Niger Children’s Hospital by medical director Dr. Gary Roark, using MedShare’s online ordering system.  The supplies include IV sets, iodine, surgical face masks, sterilization packaging, urinary catheters, cast materials, crutches, canes, walkers, cervical collars, bedside commodes, and protective x-ray jackets.

“I am truly excited about having some of the basic supplies that we will NEED to start up the CURE International Pediatric Hospital in Niger.  We certainly could NOT and would NOT be able to serve the children with disabilities in this impoverished nation without MedShare’s assistance, the time and effort of the many hands and hearts, loading the container, and keeping everything SO WELL ORGANIZED!” said Dr. Roark.  Click here to view a video from Dr. Roark talking about CURE in Niger.