Ecuador Receives Container of Medical Supplies

On April 5th, MedShare’s Western Regional Distribution Center shipped a 40-foot container with hundreds of medical supplies destined for Canton Gonzalo Pizarro, Ecuador.

Dole Ocean Cargo Express generously donated the shipping of this container to the Ecuadorian port, including the tractor-trailer container. Below is a photo of the container before it left our warehouse in San Leandro, CA.

MedShare’s Western Region team with the container before it left for Ecuador

We’re happy to report that the container arrived in Ecuador the week of May 9. The hospital recipient sent photos of the container being unloaded, and we wanted to share these as they illustrate the full circle of MedShare’s work. See below…

Container being unloaded in Ecuador

Unloading boxes

Blue skies and a full container!

Dole container in Ecuador

Ecuadorians with the unloaded Dole container

These photos show the folks on both the giving and receiving end of MedShare’s work.  Thanks again to Dole Ocean Cargo Express for providing the container and shipping, and to everyone else for their hard work in making this happen!


MedShare, Dole ship another container to Ecuador


On Thursday, December 16, 2010, MedShare’s Western Regional Distribution Center loaded and shipped another 40 foot container with medical humanitarian aid for the “El Oriente” region of Ecuador.

This container is carrying over 700 pieces of medical equipment and supplies to be used at public health centers in the municipality of Cuyabeno, which is located in the northeastern province of Sucumbios, close to the border with Colombia. A large percentage of the population of Sucumbios are indigenous Amazonian peoples and families living in dire poverty.  Health problems such as typhoid, gastroenteritis, Dengue Fever, malnutrition, and parasitic diseases are frequent in this region, yet  the local health centers have a shortage of sufficient medical supplies and equipment to treat their patients.

The container shipped from MedShare today is carrying such vitally-needed items as a sterilizer, stethoscopes, adult and infant scales, x-ray view boxes, crutches, walkers, hospital beds, exam lights, gloves, gowns, gauze, bandages, and much more!

Special thanks to the Mayor of Cuyabeno for his support, and to Dole Ocean Cargo Express for donating the ocean shipping of the container!

Dole, MedShare Partner to Deliver Medical Supplies to Latin American Communities In Need

Dole Food Company, Inc. today announced that it has just shipped its sixth 40-foot container containing medical equipment for communities in need in South and Central America. The result of a partnership with MedShare, the donated equipment ranges from ultrasound equipment to hospital beds, centrifuges and generators, to smaller implements such as crutches, walkers, needles, gauze, syringes and surgical drapes.

The supplies were provided by the non-profit organization MedShare and shipped from Dole ports in the United States via Dole Ocean Cargo Express. The containers are delivered to municipal governments and non-profit organizations that run small public-health clinics in Ecuador and Honduras.

Dole defers the cost of shipment by providing container space on its fleet of cargo vessels. The first shipment took place in 2008.

“Dole is proud to help to make these donations possible,” said Marty Ordman, Vice President, Marketing & Communications. “Our employees and the land we farm are our most important assets. Dole’s partnership with MedShare represents one more way in which we are able to support the communities in which we live and work.”

MedShare is grateful to have good partners like our friends at Dole to help us import life-saving medical supplies and equipment to Ecuador,” said MedShare CEO and Co-founder A.B. Short. “The contents of these containers will literally support the healthcare of tens of thousands of people living in poverty.”

Dole, with 2009 net revenues of $6.8 billion, is the world’s largest producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, and is the leading producer of organic bananas. Dole markets a growing line of packaged and frozen fruit and is a produce industry leader in nutrition education and research.