MedShare and UPS Foundation Ship Container of Medical Relief to Pakistan


On Monday, May 2, 2011, a 40-foot container carrying medical relief aid for Pakistan was shipped from MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center in Decatur, Georgia.

Over 9,000 lbs of medical supplies and equipment we included on the container, including:

  • ambu bags
  • emergency airways
  • bandages
  • surgical packs and instruments
  • needles
  • syringes
  • endotracheal tubes
  • blood pressure monitors
  • laryngoscopes
  • sphygmomanometers
  • an electrosurgical unit
  • a ventilator
  • and much more!

These donated items will be distributed by the NGO International Relief And Development (IRD) to local health facilities  in the flood-affected districts of Punjab Province.  According to, “Pakistan’s current flood zone is an area the size of England. The waters stretch the distance from St. Louis to New Orleans, and the disaster currently affects 20.4 million people: more than the combined number of people affected by the 2004 tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.”

MedShare is proud to support IRD’s flood relief efforts on the ground in Pakistan with this shipment of medical supplies and equipment. Our sincere thanks to the UPS Foundation for sponsoring this humanitarian project.


2010 in Review: A Year of Growth and Accomplishment

MedShare Volunteers in 2010: Van Hout Family

The drop of a ball that signals a new year often brings with it reflection, appreciation, and excitement at the prospect of things to come. For MedShare, 2010 was a year of growth and accomplishment, and we’d like to take a moment to share and celebrate our achievements that you helped make possible.

Whether you support MedShare through countless volunteer hours, monetary gifts, product donations, being a community ambassador, or in another way, we want to take a moment to thank you as the MedShare mission cannot be sustained without you.

Infrastructure reorganization saw the expansion of staff in the Western Region and the restructuring of current staff, both of which allowed MedShare to increase efficiency in many areas; one example was being able to respond quickly to the earthquake in Haiti.

Speaking of Haiti, MedShare was able to respond quickly due to our nimbleness, capabilities, and previous working relationship with the Haitian government and hospitals. One year later, MedShare has shipped 28 40-foot containers filled with more than 164 tons of life-saving medical supplies and equipment to Haiti, and supplied 83 medical mission teams with more than 14,000 pounds of medical supplies for treating the sick and injured.

MedShare continued to be supported by a strong Board and expanded its local presence in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Atlanta by growing representation on both Regional Councils, laying the groundwork for the organization to flourish. Each Council took on a leadership role and raised funds to sponsor containers of medical supplies and equipment, one to the Kingdom of Tonga and the other to Mali, two of the most desperate places on Earth. Board and Regional Council members also participated in the MedShare trip to Ghana, where they visited beneficiaries of MedShare containers and saw firsthand how MedShare makes a difference.

One of our main concerns at MedShare is, of course, reducing environmental impact. In addition to redirecting tons of medical supplies from landfills each year, we’ve also made changes to our warehouses in both the Southeast and West this year. Both were outfitted with motion-activated lights, saving each facility from needlessly wasting energy. The West has low-flow toilets, and the Southeast will begin installing solar panels next month.

Our communities recognized us for going green: MedShare was selected the winner in the “Green Giving” category by Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2010 Environmental Awards, and the Western Region was named a Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) winner by the CalRecycle Waste Reduction Award Program.

In December, we exceeded our goal of 10 containers by shipping 14, and closed the calendar year with a total of 101 shipments – a 33% increase over the same period in 2009.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things on the horizon for MedShare in 2011 is our potential for expansion. Now that the economy has stabilized somewhat and MedShare has developed a stronger base of support both nationally and in existing locations, the Board of Trustees and senior staff are looking for other cities in the U.S. where we can expand the MedShare mission. This process is a prudent and thoughtful one that has been led and facilitated by Accenture to help MedShare achieve the highest possible performance and leverage for the resources at our disposal.

Your support is the fuel for the MedShare mission. During a very difficult economic time for our nation and the world, the MedShare mission has grown substantially. It would not happen without YOU. We are so grateful for everything you’ve done, and look forward to sharing the ride with you in 2011.

(This story is an excerpt from our January e-newsletter. To read the entire newsletter – featuring stories MedShare’s trip to Ghana and a volunteer profile on Deborah Printz – click here.)

MedShare in the News

MedShare was recently featured on,, Georgia Health News, and WABE (Atlanta’s NPR station): below are links and descriptions to the hits. Enjoy!

The one-year anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake was Wednesday, Jan. 12, and ran a story on “Five Ways You Can Still Help in Haiti.” MedShare was included in the “Volunteer” section, along with a brief highlight on how we’ve responded thus far to the earthquake. To read more about our ongoing recovery efforts, click here.

In another story about Georgia’s ongoing recovery efforts in Haiti, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution featured MedShare. The story is called, “Georgians help Haiti, finds much needs to be done after quake,” and you can view it here.

Also, this past Saturday, January 8th, was Georgia Governor Deal’s “Day of Service,” an event aimed at bringing people together to give back to their communities across Georgia. MedShare was among the local charities, shelters, missions, food banks, and environmental agencies that was chosen to host volunteers, and we had about 40 volunteers give their time on Saturday. WABE (Atlanta’s NPR station) and both featured stories on the event. To view photos on the event, you can visit MedShare’s Flickr page here.

What do you think of these articles? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Charity Navigator: Haiti One Year Later

A walker donated by MedShare gives a young Haitian amputee the ability to walk again

Yesterday, January 12th, 2011, marked the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. To mark the occasion, Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator, created a special section on their website to commemorate the significant outpouring of generosity from donors across America.

MedShare was one of the charities highlighted in the report; below are the questions and answers that appeared highlighting how we’ve served our neighboring country as they continue to recover.

What has your charity done in Haiti?

Thanks to the outpouring of support from donors and volunteers, MedShare has shipped the equivalent of 27 tractor-trailer-sized containers filled with over 154 tons of specifically-requested, life-saving medical supplies and equipment to needy hospitals in Haiti. We have supplied 83 medical mission teams with more than 14,000 pounds of medical supplies for treating the sick and injured in Haiti. We have also sent engineering teams to repair hundreds of pieces of medical equipment damaged by the earthquake and to train technicians from around the country to do the same. More information can be found at

What are the outcomes (immediate results) of your efforts in Haiti?

17 tractor-trailer sized shipments of medical supplies and equipment were sent by MedShare in the first two weeks following the earthquake. An additional 10 containers have been sent to aid in the recovery/rebuilding effort. These supplies and equipment were used by our vetted hospital and in-country charity partners like Partners in Health and Project Medishare to offer free medical services to thousands injured in the earthquake as well as basic services in its aftermath. MedShare’s engineering team travelled to Haiti and fixed hundreds of pieces of damaged equipment and trained technicians throughout the country. Please click on for videos chronicling our impact.

Based on your outcomes thus far, has your charity adjusted its course of action to improve the results?

As the relief efforts have moved into a longer term recovery that is not happening as quickly as anyone would want, MedShare has sent teams to Haiti to streamline our already-successful logistics process, conduct a needs assessment at our in-country hospital partners and clinics and expedite customs clearances. The needs for medical supplies and equipment for a longer term recovery differ from those needed in an immediate relief effort. MedShare prides itself on customizing our shipments for the recipient and we take great care to understand their needs with the aim that nothing we sent is diverted or wasted. For more information on our ongoing efforts, click on

Is your charity planning to continue to provide assistance to Haiti in the coming months and years? If so, please explain your plans.

MedShare supported 36 projects in Haiti prior to the earthquake and we plan to continue to work with our in-country hospital and charity partners in the coming months and years. We have developed a good reputation among our partners in Haiti and want to be there for them as long as they need us. Donors can learn more at Donors can also click on where they can view our interactive map of shipments to Haiti over our 11-year history.

What do you anticipate will be the biggest challenges facing the people of Haiti in the years to come? Do you have suggestions for how to address these challenges both via your own organization and through the efforts of others?

Haiti has long been the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and faces many challenges. The greatest needs in Haiti are a better resourced and more effective government, a completely rebuilt infrastructure (this was the case before the earthquake), and access to education, healthcare, and basic needs. In short, for Haiti to be successful in the long-term, a context for private investment and industry development must be created as has been done in other developing nations. MedShare can play a strong role in elevating the standards for medical care through the provision of medical supplies and equipment to support the re-building of the healthcare infrastructure.

Have you been able to coordinate and pool your efforts with other organizations?

MedShare is a supply chain organization providing medical supplies and equipment. Thus, we supply other direct-service organizations, hospitals and clinics in Haiti and around the world who offer healthcare to the poor. Some of our partners in Haiti include:

  • Partners In Health
  • St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
  • St. Nicholas Hospital
  • Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon
  • Port-Au-Prince Triage Hospital
  • CURE Haiti
  • Family Outreach Ministries
  • Archdiocese of Port-Au-Prince
  • Haitian Timoun Foundation
  • CSI Ministries Clinic
  • Hopital Sacre Coeur
  • Grace Children’s Hospital
  • Adventist Hospital
  • Diquini Jimani Hospital (in Dominican Republic on Haitian boarder)
  • St. Francis de Sales Hospital
  • Project Medishare

We’d like to give a special thanks to Charity Navigator for highlighting us. To read their report in it’s entirety, click here.

How MedShare is Helping Haiti: 28 Containers

Location of Pignon, Haiti


Last January, Haiti suffered from a devastating earthquake that claimed over 250,000 lives and left more than a million people living in makeshift camps. Crisis struck again in late October in the form of an ongoing cholera epidemic, which has sickened over 7,700 people and claimed 500 lives. Now, this weekend’s Hurricane Tomas caused wind damage and widespread flooding that has disrupted even more lives.

What is MedShare doing to help?

Staff Members at Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon with a newborn baby

We’ve turned our attention to providing a response by sending customized shipments of medical supplies to Haiti, a country where we have worked extensively in the past eleven years. Thanks to the outpouring of support from donors and volunteers, we have shipped 28 forty-foot containers filled with over 150 tons of life-saving medical supplies and equipment to needy hospitals in Haiti.

Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon

The most recent container shipped to Haiti from MedShare, the 28th this year, was shipped on Friday, October 29, 2010, from MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution center. The recipient was the Hopital Bienfaisance De Pignon in Pignon, Haiti. In normal circumstances, this is a small charity hospital with about 65 in-patient beds.  Since the earthquake, thousands of injured patients have flooded through the hospital doors seeking emergency care, and the hospital has been converted into a regional trauma center. This marks the third container they’ve received from MedShare this year; the first two containers, sent in January and May, carried emergency relief medical supplies and equipment for the hospital. With the help of our partners at Catholic Medical Mission Board who procured the bed donations for this shipment,  the container shipped on Oct. 29 carried 50 beds, mattresses, and 6 laptop computers. These items which will be put to immediate use caring for earthquake victims and low-income families in Haiti.

Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon staff with MedShare's Senior Biomedical Engineer Eben Armstrong

In August 2010, MedShare’s Senior Biomedical Engineer Eben Armstrong was able to visit Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon. Eben worked on-site to train Haitian medical staff members on how to use and repair biomedical equipment, and left extremely impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the staff.

Please visit the Hopital Biengaisance de Pignon website and blog for photos, videos, and facts about this hospital.

Visit our Help for Haiti page for information about MedShare’s ongoing efforts to support Haiti in its ongoing recovery from the earthquake and the cholera outbreak. To help, click here.

Still Helping Haiti Six Months Later

Today marks six months since the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti, claiming over 230,000 lives, injuring more than 300,000 and leaving 1.5 million people homeless.

Post-op recovery room just days after earthquake.

For the past six months, we’ve stood by the statement: “We were helping Haiti before the earthquake, and we will continue to help Haiti as they struggle to rebuild.”  As we reflect on the course of events that have unfolded since January 12th, MedShare had emergency medical supplies on the ground in Haiti just three days after the earthquake.

We had two big challenges facing us those first crucial days and weeks following the earthquake: time and logistics.  Medical supplies was the number one needed resource in Haiti to treat life-threatening injuries and infections, and time was of the essence.  With the ports damaged and the aid being bottlenecked, coordinating logistics of getting the supplies in doctors hands was almost a round-the-clock effort.

With the help of dedicated staff, volunteers and financial donors, MedShare stepped up to the challenge to get 11 shipments of requested emergency medical supplies in Haiti within 15 days after the earthquake hit.  That means over 132,000 pounds of vitally-needed medical supplies got to various hospitals and medical clinics to treat victims and save lives.  To date, we’ve shipped a total of 25 forty-foot containers of requested medical supplies and equipment to various hospitals and relief organizations in Haiti treating patients effected by the January 12th earthquake.  That’s over 150 tons of medical aid!

Just days after the quake, we began providing free medical supplies to a flood of medical mission teams going to Haiti for earthquake relief.  During those first weeks, we outfitted almost 20 medical mission teams with over 3,700 pounds of medical supplies to treat earthquake victims in Haiti.  In the past six months, we’ve provided 83 medical mission teams working in Haiti with over 14,000 pounds of medical supplies.

Roovens Monchil on the road to recovery two months after the earthquake.

These medical supplies helped treat and save thousands of lives, like 11-year-old Roovens Monchil.  He was at the bottom of a three-level house that collapsed on top of him during the earthquake.  He sustained a life-threatening crush injury to his femur and several flesh wounds.  Roovens was operated on several times by a surgical team using medical supplies they collected from MedShare.   Ultimately, Roovens was transferred to the USNS Comfort for more specialized care, but it was the collaboration of many efforts that saved this boy’s life.

We see hope in the smiles of the Haitian people and the resilience of their spirits.  With the help of many, MedShare continues to respond to the medical needs in Haiti.  We have more shipments planned to hospitals like Adventist Hospital in Carrefour and St. Damien’s Pediatric Hospital.  In August, our biomedical engineer, Eben Amstrong will travel to Haiti to evaluate medical equipment we’ve shipped to various hospitals and to train staff on how to repair and operate equipment.

Stay tuned to our Help for Haiti updates and consider contributing towards our continuing efforts to help our friends in Haiti.

Help for Haiti: St. Damien Pediatric Hospital

Haiti may not be dealing with quite the emergency trauma that they once were, but the people, specifically in the healthcare system, are still suffering as a result of the January 12th earthquake that basically destroyed their country.  So far, MedShare has sent almost 100 tons of medical supplies and equipment to hospitals in need in Haiti, with more on the way!

A young boy with his mom at St. Damien's Hospital in Haiti

Thursday, May 20th, 2010, MedShare’s Western Region loaded and shipped out a 40 foot container of medical supply and equipment donations for HOPITAL PEDIATRIQUE SAINT DAMIEN in Haiti. This is a 120 bed pediatric hospital in the Petionville region which is connected to the international NGO FRIENDS OF THE ORPHANS. MedShare staff personally visited this hospital in a trip to Haiti after the earthquake devastated the country, and were so moved by the hospital staff’s humanitarian spirit and dedication to Haitian families, that they returned home with a mission to find a way to ship containers there.

Medical Supplies being loaded for St. Damien Hospital

The container that left the MedShare warehouse yesterday will be the first of several that are planned for the coming months. The container is carrying over 12,000 lbs of medical products, including cast materials, medicine bottles, surgical drapes, cotton balls, hygiene kits, Personal Energy Transport carts, wheelchairs, crutches, nebulizers, laryngoscopes, an infant ventilator, a microscope, an orthopedic surgical table, and much more.