Repost: MedShare Made 2nd Shipment of Medical Aid

On January 17, 2012, MedShare’s Western Region shipped a container of medical supplies and equipment to Tonga. The Tonga Government posted a press release announcing this shipment, and we wanted to share it with you. (To view the original, click here.)

MedShare Made 2nd Shipment of Medical Aid

On the 17th of January 2012, award-winning charity MedShare shipped a 40-foot ocean container of medical supplies and equipment designated for the two island groups of Niuatoputapu and ‘Eua, in Tonga.

Lord Tuita, Consul General of the Kingdom of Tonga in San Francisco, attended the shipment ceremony.

Lord Tuita, Tonga Consul General, San Francisco; Taylor Butterfield; Chuck Haupt, Executive Director, MedShare's Western Region

This container of critically-needed medical supplies and equipment was coordinated (including the seafreight) by Taylor Butterfield from Sacramento, California, who has undertaken this project as a part of his Boy Scout Eagle Award.

This is the 2nd container of medical supplies and equipment that has been sent by MedShare to the Kingdom.

Tonga Consul General Lord Tuita with Executive Director, MedShare W. Region) during the ceremony marking MedShare's second shipment of medical aid to Tonga

MedShare is an innovative non-profit organization and operates California’s first large-scale surplus medical supply recycler which mobilizes tons of excess medical supplies through cooperation with various manufacturers and its 29 local partner hospitals.

Founded in 1998, MedShare is consistently ranked as one of the United States most efficient charities, and has successfully delivered over 750 containers of aid to 90 developing nations.


MedShare Ships First Container of FY 2012 to Ukraine

MedShare is proud to announce that the first container of the new fiscal year shipped out of our Western Region Distribution Center in San Leandro, CA on Friday, July 8th.  The container, which is destined for Ukraine in Eastern Europe, is carrying over 900 boxes of medical supplies for humanitarian aid distribution.  The items were individually selected by the Donetsk Regional Charitable Organization, “Greek Medical Fund Hippocrates,” and includes surgical masks, drapes, iodine, gloves, orthopedic instruments, as well as a brand-new Mizuho Osi Hana Orthopedic Surgical Table.

The Donetsk Regional Charitable Organization will distribute the donated supplies amongst four different under-resourced medical centers in Ukraine: Volodarsk Hospital, Telmanovo Hospital, the CMF “Hippocrates”, and the Mirupol Oncologic Dispensary.

MedShare West Coast staff showing the “number one” sign in front of loaded container, representing first shipment for Fiscal Year 2012

Thanks very much to Hellenicare for sponsoring this project. Hellenicare is an NGO that delivers humanitarian assistance programs in Georgia, Ukraine, and Armenia in a wide variety of areas, including human rights advocacy, infrastructure restoration, economic development, and of course, healthcare. Please see their website for more information.  We look forward to working with Hellenicare on more container shipments to Eastern Europe in the future!