MedShare supplies in Honduras


It was a pleasure to work with the Be Rich campaign at North Point Ministries to send a 40-foot container of medical aid to Honduras with Honduras Outreach, Inc. Please take a moment to view this amazing video of our supplies going to work!


San Jose State University Students Operate Mobile Health Clinic in Honduras

Dental issues, parasites, hypertension, bacterial infections and colds: these innocuous-when-treated medical issues can be lethal in a community lacking in resources and medical service.

In 2010, two groups of San Jose State University students committed to travel to Honduras to treat community members with illnesses like these with dignity and respect.

Volunteers serving in Honduras

A lofty goal, sure; but by recognizing the power of many and utilizing resources like MedShare’s MedTeam Store, these students served over 300 patients over the course of two trips in 2011.

Lily Yu, President of the San Jose State University Chapter of Global Medical Brigades, shared with us her account of the trip:

On behalf of the San Jose State University Global Medical Brigades team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the MedShare Team for all of your help and support once again.

San Jose State University students serving in Honduras

In the summer of 2010, a team of 20 students came together to achieve a common goal: provide access to health care to a part of the world where it was limited. With MedShare’s help, we were able to successfully operate mobile clinics to help treat some of the most preventable health issues in San Antonio de Oriente, Honduras.

Our first medical brigade was in January 2011, where we successfully mobilized a free clinic to Honduras, treating over 300 patients with severe wounds from working on sugarcane fields, intestinal parasites, hypertension, bacterial infections, dental issues, and coughs and colds that have turned lethal due to the community’s location and lack of resources. After this first brigade, we knew that our work could not end there. In order to keep healthcare accessible to this community, my team and I decided we needed to continue our efforts.

Children in Honduras

In February 2011, we assembled another team of 25 student volunteers to mobilize a clinic back to Honduras for a brigade on August 14-20, 2011. I reached out to MedShare, and was delighted to hear that we had your support once again. Because MedShare believed in our work, we were inspired to serve San Antonio de Oriente again, where many new patients lined up to receive the care they deserved. We see the positive impact we made in this community in January and in August, and know that our efforts have helped improve their quality of life.

MedShare has empowered our organization to help change and impact the world, one healthy patient at a time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope to continue our efforts with your support.

If you would like to learn more about MedShare’s Medical Mission Team Store, click here.

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MedShare Ships Medical Aid to Help Cancer Patients in Honduras

Today, Monday, December 14, 2009 MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center in Decatur, Georgia loaded and shipped a 40 foot container of medical supplies and equipment donations destined for HONDURAS.  The KIMBERLY-CLARK CORPORATION and FOUNDATION sponsored this donation and selected the Honduran organization “LIGA CONTRA EL CÁNCER ‘DR. OSCAR RAUDALES B.’” as the recipient.  The Liga provides cancer screenings, treatments, and emotional support to oncology patients of limited means and their families. The Liga depends heavily on volunteer medical professionals and donations of supplies and funding to be able to offer low-cost and/or free services to patients.

The MedShare container that shipped today included over 1,000 individual pieces of medical equipment and supplies for the Liga that will go directly to their cancer treatment centers, including: stethoscopes, an ureteroscope, an electrosurgical unit, an x-ray film illuminator, a computer and computer accessories, nebulizers, surgical sponges, surgical steel instruments, enteral feeding kits, bedside commode seats, Personal Energy Transport carts, oxygen masks and tubing, and much more!

Check out this inspiring video posted on Liga’s Website: