Today is International Volunteer Day!

This day of celebration offers an opportunity for organizations like MedShare to lift up the impact that volunteers make in our local and global communities. Nearly 20,000 individuals spend time at MedShare’s San Leandro and Atlanta distribution centers each year. Our dedicated volunteers invest their time to sort 15,000 of pounds of surplus medical supplies that have been diverted from local landfills every week. This perfectly usable product is used to treat recipients in need of healthcare in 95 countries throughout the world.

Today and every day, we thank our volunteers for helping us build healthy communities locally and globally.



A New Year’s Message of Thanks Inspired by the People of Haiti: HOPE

In December, I had the opportunity to spend several days in Haiti visiting with several extraordinary MedShare partners.  While I was overwhelmed by the challenges this country and its people continue to face, I keep finding myself thinking of one word when I consider the overall experience of my visit:  HOPE.

I visited the Leveque community outside of Port-au-Prince, where – with support from MedShare-partner 410 Bridge – 93 families (half of those with a deaf family member) are living in community in permanent housing, and where eventually 169 families will dwell.  Two of the community leaders who are deaf, Berthide and Mackenson, spent time learning about MedShare by reading our annual report since my sign language abilities don’t extend much beyond “Nice to Meet You” and “Thank you!”  They did teach me a few new signs including that for “cow” (which crossed the road often during our visit) and “love” (a sign they used in every photo taken).


As they showed us the amazing progress they’ve made in providing housing, access to water, agriculture and education for this community, I thought of the HOPE they are providing to hundreds of Haitians.

I was overcome with emotion when I visited the Isaie Jeanty Maternity Hospital and saw two beautiful but very small babies (less than 2 pounds) that had been given a chance at life thanks to supplies and incubators provided by MedShare in strong partnership with the First Lady of Haiti via Mona Adam, Northside Hospital in Atlanta, and GIANT. Thanks to dedicated Haitian leaders and health care providers, these babies and their families have HOPE for life.


While these stories of HOPE may seem small compared to the millions of Haitians in need, I am truly inspired by the people of Haiti that are working diligently hour-by-hour, day-by-day to rebuild their country.  And, I am extremely grateful to the many MedShare supporters who have generously donated their volunteer time, medical supplies and equipment, and financial resources so that MedShare could support these efforts.  MedShare has shipped 84 forty-foot ocean containers full of medical supplies and equipment to Haiti over the past 15 years, with 7 in 2012 alone.  Thank you for supporting MedShare to provide HOPE and HEALING to the people of Haiti!

In Service,

Meridith Rentz, CEO & President

MedShare and NWAG Partner to Send Container to Nigeria


On Thursday, March 31th, a container carrying over 11,000 lbs of medical supplies and equipment destined for Nigeria was shipped out of MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center in Decatur, Georgia.  The project was sponsored and coordinated by one of MedShare’s longest-standing local partners, the Nigerian Women’s Association of Georgia (NWAG).

The donated items are to be split between three different under-resourced medical centers around the country.  Included on the container are:

  • ambu bags
  • adhesive bandages
  • syringes
  • stretchers
  • surgical packs
  • stethoscopes
  • wheelchairs
  • thermometers

Below are photos below of the NWAG “sending-off” the container from the MedShare Warehouse… enjoy!

Shipments Manager Amanda Paniagua speaking with members of the NWAG

The container being loaded with boxes

Thanks to the hard work of MedShare staff members and the NWAG for making this happen!

Kimberly-Clark Sponsors Container to Bolivia


Thanks to the generous financial sponsorship of the Kimberly Clark Foundation, MedShare shipped another 40-foot container of medical humanitarian aid for Bolivia yesterday from our Southeastern Regional Distribution Center in Decatur, Georgia.

The medical supplies and equipment on the container are donations for the Hospital Clinico Viedma in the Andean city of Cochabamba.  This 200 bed public health institution has been serving Bolivia’s most poor and needy populations for the past 126 years.  In his appeal to MedShare and Kimberly Clark for donations, Hospital Director Dr. Eduardo Amaya wrote that 60% of the hospital’s patient population comes from rural and semi-urban areas, 20% are from the city center, and 20% are migrants from around the country’s provinces and rural villages.  The hospital also receives patients referred by the police and patients living on the streets and dealing with alcoholism and mental health illnesses.   The Bolivian Ministry of Health does its best to provide the hospital with supplies and staff, but due to the high poverty rate, they are constantly lacking critical resources to care for all of these needy patients.

According to the World Health Organization, 61 out of 1,000 children under five die in Bolivia, as compared to 8 out of 1,000 in the United States. Child malnutrition and stunted growth is a chronic problem.

Over 1,000 individual boxes of medical supplies and equipment were shipped to Hospital de Clínicas on the container today, including surgical gloves, crutches, syringes, surgical masks, IV tubing, exam tables, suction pumps, laryngoscopes, pulse oximeters, a ventilator, an electrosurgical unit and more.

We’d like to deeply thank the Kimberly Clark Foundation for sponsoring this humanitarian project, and the Kimberly Clark S.A. corporate office in Bolivia for facilitating the donation to the hospital!

A young Bolivian woman with a wheelchair sent from MedShare on a different container just a few months ago.

MedShare Ships Final Container of 2010 to Ghana

Ghana, West Africa

MedShare is proud to announce that its final humanitarian aid  shipment for the calendar year 2010 left the doors of the Southeastern Distribution Center in Decatur, GA on Thursday, December 23rd.  The 40-foot container is carrying over 17,000 lbs of donated medical supplies and equipment for the St. Matthew’s Medical Clinic in Ampenkro, Ghana, West Africa.

St. Matthew’s Medical Clinic is a small community health center that was opened in August of this year by the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani, Ghana in partnership with the Giving to Ghana Foundation from New York.  The clinic serves to the improve the health conditions of the Ghanaian poor who have an annual income of less than $500 U.S.

Included on the container shipped today are 18 hospital beds, an electrosurgical unit, examination table, blood pressure machines, ambu bags, bandages, crutches, wheelchairs, surgical masks, gloves, and much more.  These will surely go a long way to help the medical staff at St. Matthew’s be able to better serve their patients!

Special thanks to everyone at the Giving to Ghana Foundation in New York and the National Catholic Service Center in Ghana for their valuable partnership and their help in making this shipment happen!

St. Matthew's Clinic

Beds on shipment

Supplies on shipment

Shipment being loaded onto container

MedShare and Kimberly Clark Send Container to Colombia

Choco, Colombia

On Tuesday, December 21, 2010, MedShare’s Western Regional Distribution Center loaded and shipped out a 40 foot container of medical humanitarian aid for Colombia.  This shipment was generously sponsored by Kimberly Clark Corporation and Foundation out of a multi-year, multi-container grant for shipments of aid to Latin America.

This container is carrying over 13,000 lbs of medical supplies and equipment that will be distributed amongst two hospitals in the highly impoverished region of Chocó in the northwest of the country.  These hospitals, the Hospital Ismael Roblán and IPS Caprecom Hospital San Francisco de Asis, serve Colombia’s poorest citizens, and struggle with a lack of sufficient supplies and equipment.

The container shipped from MedShare yesterday is carrying wheelchairs, stretchers, exam tables, beds, Personal Energy Transport vehicles, crutches, and much more.

We’d like to sincerely thank Mrs. Elena De Bedout for her tireless support and advocacy for the underprivileged families of Colombia as well as everyone at the Kimberly Clark Colombia office for making this shipment possible!

Lesotho Receives Container with help of UPS and Aidmatrix Network

Lesotho, South Africa

On Wednesday, November 17, 2010, a 40-foot container of medical humanitarian aid for Lesotho was loaded and shipped out of Medshare’s Western Regional Distribution Center. Through the AidMatrix Network, a foundation that connects donors and relief organizations, UPS generously provided in-kind shipping of the container from California to the South African port.

Lesotho is a tiny country in Southern Africa that has the 3rd highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. The majority of the 2 million people living in Lesotho live in conditions of extreme poverty, and the rural hospitals and clinics lack basic medical supplies needed to care for patients.

The container MedShare shipped is carrying over 900 pieces of medical supplies such as exam gloves, disposable patient gowns, adhesive dressings, syringes, alcohol swabs, and much more. The Catholic order of the nuns called Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary will distribute the supplies amongst various clinics and hospitals in the regions. The Sisters of the Holy Names have been performing charity work in Lesotho for almost 80 years, and in the past two years they have received two other containers of aid from MedShare. Another container is scheduled to load today.

Below are photos from a visit to Lesotho by MedShare’s Executive Director of the Western Region, Chuck Haupt.

Improvised crutches made from scrap wood
Young child in the arms of his grandmother after treatment at hospital
Nursing aids attend to young child mauled by a dog. They had no suture to close the wounds.
Hospital linens drying in the sun
Expectant mothers at clinic supported by midwives
Rural Health Clinic
Crowded hospital ward
Young child waiting at clinic
Supply closet at rural health clinic
MedShare staff and volunteers from Kaiser Permanente with the loaded container, just before it left for the Oakland port.

Special thanks to AidMatrix Network, UPS, Sister Bathilda Heqoa, Sister Mary Haupt, Chuck Haupt, and Ken Rogers for their hard work and kind contributions in making this shipment happen!