Kenya Trip Notes from the Field: Thomas Asher

By Thomas Asher, MedShare Trustee

February 22 // We left our Nairobi hotel at 8 AM and quickly found ourselves mired in the morning rush hour. Soon the cluster of modern buildings and lush parkways were behind us as we headed north to Kijabe on the eastern slopes of the Great Rift Valley. We reached the rim within an hour, and what a view it was: green pastures stretching across the horizon ending at the foot of Mount Longonot. A short drive down the slope brought us to the gates of Cure International Children’s Hospital, a pediatric orthopedic surgical facility.  Medical Director Dr. Joseph Theuri  welcomed us indicating that they opened in 1998, have 30 beds, including four private rooms as well as four operating rooms where they repair club feet, cleft palates, fractures, angular limbs, and a range of deformities. The average stay is just under five days. The staff of 88 serves children as old as 18.

Cure International Children's Hospital

Our guided tour took us to the well-organized storage room where surgical supplies from MedShare neatly lined the shelves; from there, off to the machine shop where six technicians were busily fashioning braces from clay forms of little legs and feet. There was a playroom with toys and books, an elaborate outdoor playground, and every corridor was decorated with colorful illustrations to ease their young patient’s concerns,  But our tour turned sober as we approached the surgical area. Several youngsters being prepped for repairs anxiously lay on gurneys.  They were very frightened; a parent and nurse tried to comfort them. Their cries were frantic and grew louder as they were guided down the hall near our group. It was difficult for them, and it was difficult for us. We tried to focus on Dr. Theuri’s talk, but it was very hard. Back in the bright sunlight,  we composed ourselves and gathered for a group photo with Dr. Theuri and his key staff.  This is a wonderful hospital, healing children, and a facility MedShare is proud to serve.

This post is part of a series we’re doing over the coming days while MedShare staff, Board of Trustee and Council members travel through Kenya from February 17 – 27. We invite you to share the experience with them by reading their stories; to access them, click on the “Africa Trip“  icon in the right sidebar. Safe travels, team!