MedShare Ships 1st of 3 Containers to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo: Container Destination

On Monday, July 18,  a 40-foot container full of medical humanitarian aid for the Democratic Republic of Congo was shipped out of MedShare’s Southeast Distribution Center in Decatur, Georgia.  The 1,200+ pieces of medical supplies and equipment were selected by representatives of the Congolese Ministry of Health and will be going to a 260-bed medical facility in Kinshasa called Clinique Kinoise, which serves the poor.

Some of the items on the container include:

  • bandages
  • catheters
  • cervical collars
  • gauze
  • tracheotomy tubes
  • pulse oximeters
  • an electrosurgical unit
  • an oxygen concentrator
  • four electric beds.

This is the first of a series of three container shipments to through the Democratic Republic of Congo Ministry of Health.  The remaining two are scheduled to leave in August.

Thanks to all who contributed to make this project a reality!