Medical Missions in Quezon City, Philippines

A Servants of Mary sister and patients with medical supplies from MedShare

Quezon City, the most populous city in the Philippines, boasts not only warm weather year-round, but also an unfortunate problem with Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis, or TB, is an infectious disease caused by the “tubercle bacilli” bacteria which affect the lungs, and can also attack parts of the body such as bones, intestines, and kidneys.

Dr. Antonieta Inumerable, head of the Quezon City Health Department, says, “one third of the world population has TB infection and 1.9 million people die every year because of TB.” Among 22 countries with widely-known TB issues, the Philippines rank ninth, and averages 75 Filipino fatalities daily. TB ranks eight among the ten leading causes of illness in Quezon City, and sixth among the ten leading causes of death.

It was with this in mind that The Servants of Mary, a medical team who heard about MedShare from their local Wells Fargo Bank, have served in Quezon City for eight years. Spearheaded by Sr. Maria Del Carmen Voga, the Mother Superior of the Servants of Mary in Quezon City, a clinic was started in 2003 to provide free medical care. Their main focus, in addition to preventation and urgent care, is fighting TB. Last year, their clinic saw 16,237 patients, and gave TB meds to 430 patients.

Sr. Maria’s sister, Gladys, visited MedShare’s Western Region Medical Team Store last November to collect supplies for their clinic. The store offers medical mission teams a cost effective option for items they will need on their mission trips.  We are proud to help supply their mission and support the ongoing battle with TB.

Below are words of thanks and photos from the clinic:

On behalf of Servant of Mary in Quezon City, Philippines I want to thank you for all your generosity and help. Your help has been a blessing for the many needy families that we assist. I arrived in the Philippines on Oct 10 with your donated supplies. The Sisters and the community we serve want to say a Big Thank you to all of you.

Servant of Mary
Sor Maria del Carmen Vega

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