With help from the Coca Cola Africa Foundation and the African Women Health Education and Empowerment Center, MedShare Ships Container to Kenya

Members of the African Women Health Education & Empowerment Center, Coca Cola and MedShare Sending the Container Off to Kenya!

On July 29, 2o011, MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center loaded and shipped out a 40-foot container with medical humanitarian aid for Diocese of Meru Athi Catholic Dispensary in Kenya.  This project was generously sponsored by the Coca Cola Africa Foundation, and facilitated by the African Women Health Education & Empowerment Center.

The Athi Catholic Dispensary is a small clinic in a rural area of Kenya that is currently in an expansion phase with the aim of providing more comprehensive healthcare to the surrounding community, including surgeries and deliveries.

Pinning MedShare's map to mark the shipment!

The  container is carrying over 1,000 lbs of medical supplies and equipment, such as laryngeal mask airways, canes, sutures, thermometers, IV sets, surgical gowns, an operating table, a brand-new OR ceiling mount light, an oxygen concentrator, and much more.

Very special thanks to Vuvu Manseka from Coca-Cola, Doris K Mukangu from the African Women Health Education & Empowerment Center, and Dr. Amina Hassanali from Amina medical Consultants Inc.

MedShare Ships Over 1,300 Medical Items to Beit CURE Malawi

On July 28, 2011, MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center shipped a 40-foot container of humanitarian aid destined for Beit CURE International Children’s Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi.

CURE International is a Christian NGO that “transforms the lives of children with disabilities and their families in the developing world through medical and spiritual healing, serving all by establishing specialty teaching hospitals, building partnerships, and advocating for these children.”  MedShare has been partnering with CURE International for many years in shipping containers of aid to support their children’s hospitals.

On this particular container, over 1,300 individual pieces of medical supplies and equipment were loaded, including:

  • ambu bags
  • knee braces
  • casting materials
  • orthopedic instruments
  • and much more!

Elisha Wasike: Uganda Impact Story

In late January of this year, MedShare shipped a 40-foot container of medical supplies to the CURE Children’s Hospital in Uganda. This was our third shipment to the hospital since 2007, and we’re proud to support their mission.

Thankfully for little Elisha Wasike’s family, CURE Uganda is recognized as a global leader in the treatment of hydrocephalus. Below is his story that we received from CURE. At once heartwarming and impactful, Elisha’s success story is just one of many that this hospital creates, thanks in part to the medical supplies that we’re able to provide.

Elisha Wasike

Elisha was born on December 11, 2006 into the family of Sam and Mary Wasike. Both parents are civil servants and they have four children, Elisha being the second born.

Elisha was delivered in hospital and, according to Mary, he had no defect at all. But two months later he developed a febrile illness which was characterized with convulsions, irritability and excessive crying. He was taken to a hospital and treated for malaria. To Mary’s disappointment, this did not change his condition much. Instead his head started bulging from the fontanel area and then it spread.

Mary then realized that her son needed help from the CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda. She had seen children with such heads and heard about the services offered by CURE. On April 2, 2007 she made it to CURE and the next week (April 12th), Elisha had a successful ETV intervention. Mary was very grateful for the treatment and care she got from CURE and she reports that Elisha has now recovered and is able to dress himself, help himself to the toilet, and he can also feed himself. Elisha even goes to church and is able to locate his home by himself. He now attends kindergarten in middle class with other children of his age.

He and his parents come to CURE for review every year and the results are encouraging. The doctors haven’t found him to have any complications. His father Sam is the chairman of the Mbale parents group and appreciates the assistance they continue to get from CURE hospital and the International Federation of Spina bifida and Hydrocephalus that has helped improve the lives of their children.

Want more? Click here to learn about the CURE Uganda hospital, and view all MedShare’s shipments to Uganda here.

MedShare Ships 1st of 3 Containers to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo: Container Destination

On Monday, July 18,  a 40-foot container full of medical humanitarian aid for the Democratic Republic of Congo was shipped out of MedShare’s Southeast Distribution Center in Decatur, Georgia.  The 1,200+ pieces of medical supplies and equipment were selected by representatives of the Congolese Ministry of Health and will be going to a 260-bed medical facility in Kinshasa called Clinique Kinoise, which serves the poor.

Some of the items on the container include:

  • bandages
  • catheters
  • cervical collars
  • gauze
  • tracheotomy tubes
  • pulse oximeters
  • an electrosurgical unit
  • an oxygen concentrator
  • four electric beds.

This is the first of a series of three container shipments to through the Democratic Republic of Congo Ministry of Health.  The remaining two are scheduled to leave in August.

Thanks to all who contributed to make this project a reality!