MedShare’s Faiths Act Fellows on YouthUniverse

MedShare’s Faiths Act Fellows, Clint Fluker and Sana Rahim, recently spoke with Rev. Rob Hughes in the series premiere of YouthUniverse, an educational television program that explores creative local and global community development initiatives through the expressed viewpoints and demonstrated actions of interfaith youth and young adults.

Take a moment to watch this wonderful and engaging interview, won’t you?

To learn more about Clint and Sana’s initiatives (including an upcoming art auction!), click here.

For more YouthUniverse, tune in to Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters, Saturdays at 4 p.m. ET.

MedShare Creates New Videos Reflecting our Mission

As MedShare continues to expand our mission and impact, it is imperative that we have the right tools to engage and educate. To that end, we recently created two new videos to promote the MedShare message to multiple audiences.

We worked with two incredible teams on these videos: Henry Schein, with whom we partner in various ways, and Encyclomedia, a video production house in Atlanta. Each of the videos have a powerful message and leave a lasting impression. The first video utilizes recipient and volunteer footage and photos to convey our operations and potential for greater impact beautifully. In the second, Meridith Rentz, CEO and President, joins A.B. Short, co-founder and Senior Advisor to the CEO, in telling our story. This video gives a comprehensive view of both our history and future goals.

These videos are a great way to quickly share the essence of our mission and work with those that are interested, and we invite you to share them with your friends and family.

This was part of our December 2011 newsletter. To view the rest – including stories on our expansion into NY and FL and a great last minute gift idea – click here.

MedShare: It All Adds Up

Our partners are vital to our work. They often go out of their way to ensure our success, and we couldn’t be more grateful. They donate supplies. They enable countless volunteer hours. They contribute desperately-needed biomedical equipment. They provide their expert services.

They do all this because they support MedShare. They support our mission of bridging the gap between surplus and need, and are as passionate as we are about providing much-needed medical supplies and equipment to people around the world. They’ve enabled us to send over 740 tractor-trailer size containers to 88 countries around the world. With their help, we’ve saved over 2 million cubic feet of space from U.S. landfills and countless lives.

Today, we’d like to recognize Henry Schein (and Henry Schein Cares), a partner of ours on multiple levels. They recently revamped MedShare’s overview video – and did an incredible job. We wanted you, our supporters, to be the first to view the video. Take a moment and watch below, won’t you?

From everyone at MedShare, thanks to the wonderful team at Henry Schein that gave their time and expertise to this project!

Global Youth Forum: 200 Helping Hands

Imagine the power 200  middle and high school kids from around the nation could have if they came together to explore the mission of peace through understanding. Now imagine what they could accomplish if they all worked together with one goal in mind.

GYF buses arriving at MedShare!

That’s exactly what happened on Friday, November 12th when all attendees of the Global Youth Forum volunteered at Medshare.

People to People International’s 2010 Global Youth Forum (GYF) is an annual four-day conference that brings together students aged 13-18 from around the world who are all interested in promoting international friendship and bettering the world they live in.

PTPI was founded in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as part of the U.S. Information Agency.  A nongovernmental organization since he left office, PTPI’s purpose is to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures.

GYF Volunteers in the Sort Room

As part of learning to promote peace and understanding in their own communities, GYF incorporates a volunteer service project into their schedule. This year, they chose MedShare! 200 helping hands over the course of a whole day… how lucky are we?! In fact, the organizers felt so strongly about working with MedShare that they actually chose the location of the Forum this year based on our Atlanta-area location.

GYF Volunteers in the Sort Room

The volunteers’ mission at MedShare was to prepare medical supplies to ship to developing countries by working in the warehouse, sorting, and packing. They dove right in, and accomplished an impressive amount!

I had a chance to speak with a PTPI leader and a few of this year’s GYF attendees. Watch the video to see what they had to say:

Thanks for choosing us and for all of your hard work!

To find out how to organize a time for your group to volunteer at MedShare, visit our Volunteer Page.