Volunteer Spotlight: Nanetta Pon

Nanetta (front, center) at a 2011 container shipment ceremony

“Nanetta Pon has volunteered with us 60 times (that’s 180 hours!) since she first started in April 2009 when she was only 14 or 15 years old. She has the most hours of any of our volunteers under age 18. She volunteers out of her own motivation; not because she has to fulfill some community service requirement.

We enjoy working with Nanetta. She is willing to do anything we ask and she works hard during the time she’s here. It is impressive that she keeps coming back when I know she has a very busy schedule with high school and other outside activities.” – Terry Monday, Volunteer Programs Manager

Name: Nanetta Pon

Age and Occupation: Seventeen-year-old high school student

Hometown: Fremont, California

Please describe yourself in one sentence.I like to get involved in great causes.

When did you first hear about MedShare? I found it while searching on VolunteerMatch for opportunities open to teenagers.

How would you describe your volunteer experience at MedShare? Wonderful! The volunteer coordinators and other volunteers are always welcoming, sorting is fun, and I learn something new about medical procedures every time.

How long have you been volunteering at MedShare? Since 2009

What inspired you to get involved? I’d been involved in my school’s recycling program, so it was MedShare’s environmental side that first interested me. I liked the idea of keeping supplies out of landfills. It was only after I’d started volunteering that I realized how much it was helping save people’s lives.

What is it that motivates you to keep volunteering at MedShare? MedShare is great about letting each volunteer know that he/she is making a difference, from the flags to the pictures to the stories people come in to tell. They keep me inspired to keep coming to the warehouse.

Have you been involved with MedShare in other ways besides sorting supplies? If so, please explain. This is more about MedShare helping me out: Last year I received a giant box of old, unsortable gloves to bring to my school. We’re still using them during our weekly sort of the school’s bottles and cans.

What has been your favorite MedShare moment or story during your time serving with us? After the iPad came out, one of the sorters accidentally got our table excited over a box of eye pads.

This story is an excerpt from our January e-news. To read more – including a story of fate’s role in a Haiti container delivery and a college MedTeam in Honduras – click here.


Mid-December Western Region Volunteers

At MedShare, we’re lucky to host over 18,000 volunteers a year. These generous people and groups help us sort and box the 20,000 lbs of medical supplies that we collect weekly from our hospital and manufacturer partners. The sheer volume of work they provide for MedShare is incredible, and we don’t hesitate to say that our work wouldn’t be possible without them.

 Today, we’d like to recognize a few groups who’ve recently volunteered in our Western Region.

On December 17, these Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership volunteers sorted drapes and packed 77 boxes.

On December 16, Kaiser-Performance Excellence volunteers sorted 741 lbs and packed 50 boxes.

On December 15, Kaiser Permanente volunteers sorted 439 lbs and packed 47 boxes.

We’d like to recognize our volunteers for another accomplishment. On Tuesday, December 20, the Western Region had one of its biggest sorting days ever!  Regular volunteers and groups from OSISoft, Nektar, and the Bay Oaks Blasters packed an impressive 664 boxes and sorted 5,500 lbs.

These volunteers are part of the group that packed 664 boxes and sorted 5,500 lbs on December 20.

These volunteers are part of the group that packed 664 boxes and sorted 5,500 lbs on December 20.

These volunteers are part of the group that packed 664 boxes and sorted 5,500 lbs on December 20.

If you’d like to sign up to volunteer, click here. Thanks again to everyone pictured here, and the many others who aren’t.

Boys to Men Georgia Volunteers

Boys to Men Georgia, a nonprofit mentoring network, was created to guide boys 12-17 through their passage to manhood. Their mission is to help every boy become the man they want to be.

Michael with a tape gun.

Busy with activity. Unpack, label, repack.

Jordan taking pride in his work and packing neatly.

Having so much fun sorting syringes and other stuff.

On Saturday, December 10, 2011, Boys to Men held their annual service project at MedShare, and it was a smashing hit for BOTH parties. The experience was great for the boys, and we certainly appreciated their incredible sorting and packing skills.

Ben and Julio, mentee and mentor working side by side.

Since we opened up the event to family, a few moms showed up and helped out.

The Boys to Men tables in action.

These boys made a big difference. How big? In just 3 hours, they packed over 3,000 lbs of medical supplies… enough to fill a third of a 40-foot ocean container!

Jordan filling out the label that goes on the box showing exactly what's in it and when it expires.

Michael just finishing another box off.

The crew, after our 3 hours of service.

Thanks so much, Boys to Men!