Yannick and Shirley’s Transcontinental Triathlon to Benefit MedShare

Meet Yannick Chaigneau and Shirley Lam, a couple so ambitious that they decided to put their day jobs on hold and take the trip of a lifetime: a Transcontinental Triathlon.

Yannick and Shirley's Transcontinental Triathlon

Based in Santa Monica, CA, Chaigneau formerly worked in the medical software industry and Lam is finishing her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. The first two legs of their trip successfully behind them (kayaking the Inside Passage and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail), they will be cycling for one year’s time during their final phase. The journey, which will begin in Los Angeles in December, will end in the southernmost city on earth: Ushuaia, Argentina.

Like Conor Flannery, whom they met earlier this year, their ultimate goal is to raise $20,000 to send one container of medical supplies and equipment to a needy health facility abroad. While cycling through Latin America, they will also build awareness of MedShare’s mission.

“We will pass through some of the poorest countries in the world where basic medical needs aren’t met, and despite the amazing places our trip will allow us to visit, we will unfortunately and inevitably see a lot of trash along the way. We’re trying to do our part as citizens of the world by raising $20,000 for MedShare by the end of our expedition in December 2011. That is enough money to prevent wasting six tons of unused medical supplies and ship a fully loaded container of critically-needed medical supplies those who need it.” says Chaigneau.

To learn more about this unique adventure and contribute towards their fundraising efforts, you can visit Yannick and Shirley’s donor page and blog.